Old Adventures of Newtown Pippin

The Old Adventures of Newtown Pippin Apples

Our final event at the 2017 NYC Cider Week is deserving of its own write up. Heritage Radio Network hosted the event, which was a celebration of the Newtown Pippin apple. (Heritage Radio posted some of the audio for the evening here.)  Gidon Coll, founder and owner of Original Sin Cider, started the evening with a presentation about the history
Colorado Cider Week 2017 Day 3 - Stem Cider Tap Room - Denver, CO

Where we’ve been: cider tasting rooms & bars

This is only a small sample of where we've tasted and enjoyed ciders in the US as we've compiled our list of more than 500 hard cider varieties in the last few years - but they were some of our favorite stops along the way. We'll periodically share more cidery visits,