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d's Wicked Cider Co Chanilla

Review: Chanilla by d’s Wicked Cider Co

Sweetness: Semi-Sweet

ABV: 6.90%

Cider Maker’s Description

d's Wicked Cider Chanilla is a hand crafted hard apple cider made with the freshest Pacific Northwest grown apples. We've infused fresh cherry and Madagascar vanilla bean to create this cidergasmic new flavor. This cider has expressive notes of pie cherries and cream soda with a lush marshmallow finish.


  • very hazy / cloudy, reddish orange color


  • deep coverage of bubbles when poured, 1/4" of medium bubbles head when swirled, bottoms up swirl of the second bottle really increased the carbonation throughout the life of the bottle


  • very powerful and in your face, cherries, cloves, Belgian ale, sour beer


  • very vanilla, cloves, I get some hints of cherry but feel like they're masked by the spices, full flavored / full bodied, Belgian ale-like


  • tart acidity but also a creamy texture


  • reasonably clean and quick finish, maybe some lingering hints of cloves

Tasting Notes / General Impression

I feel like the acidity amplifies the sweetness and makes it seem sweeter than it is, very nice winter cider, reminds me a little of hot mulled cider

Reviewer Notes

the first time I had this I noticed thick sediment at bottom of bottle, before my second bottle of this I gave it an aggressive bottoms up swirl to stir in the sediment and it made a huge difference in how the cider presented itself, these notes cover both tastings with the bulk of the notes coming from the second bottle

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Cidery Information

d's Wicked Cider Co
Kennewick, WA

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