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Snow Capped Cider Molly's Prickly Pear

Review: Molly’s Prickly Pear by Snow Capped Cider

Sweetness: Semi-Dry

ABV: 6.90%

Cider Maker’s Description

Authentic top shelf cider made for Molly's Spirits from bitter-sharp and bitter-sweet cider apples. Grown in Colorado by Snow Capped Cider. Aged 12 months and infused with Prickly Pear Cactus then aged 6 omnths in a tequila barrel.


  • crystal clear, rich golden color, bright


  • Pouring produced full coverage of small to large bubbles that disappeared quickly leaving only a small ring of tiny bubbles, swirling produced nearly full coverage again disappearing quickly


  • hot peppery notes dominate, oak


  • green apple, pleasant spiciness / heat, semi-dry, woody, smoky


  • pleasantly light astringency, balanced, smooth


  • long finish of bitter sharps

Tasting Notes / General Impression

I would have liked more tequila influence, easy to drink but probably not an everyday drinker / sessionable, I think I would like it more paired with the right food, it's not necessarily a sit down and enjoy a cider kind of cider

Reviewer Notes

Only available at Molly's Spirits in Denver, Colorado.

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Cidery Information

Snow Capped Cider
Cedaredge, CO

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