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Jester and Judge Pineapple Express

Review: Pineapple Express by Jester & Judge

Sweetness: Sweet

ABV: 5.20%

Cider Maker’s Description

The spirit of the Gorge is independent and fun-loving. This cider embraces our spirit and our love of little latitudes. Pineapple Express takes us where the sun is always out, the rain is always warm and the mood is always festive. Handmade with all natural ingredients and an endless supply of Irie! WE'LL BRING THE JESTER YOU BE THE JUDGE We believe in balance in life and cider. Pineapple Express balances a fresh pressed Northwest apple base, ripe pineapple, and a hint of lime.


  • cloudy / opaque, pale yellow with hint of brown


  • small to medium bubbles lingering around the edge after pour


  • pineapple dominated, earthy


  • sweet, fresh cut pineapple


  • very balanced, I expected acidity / acidic bite but it's not there


  • quick

Tasting Notes / General Impression

refreshing, great "dessert cider". not necessarily a daily drinker

Reviewer Notes

thick sediment after storing for a while, shook well before pouring

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Cidery Information

Jester & Judge
Stevenson, WA

Matthew Ostrander
Matthew favors dry hard ciders with body and leans towards traditional English styles, and he’s also developed a serious appreciation for hopped ciders and creative flavor infused ciders. Though he prefers sweets in solid forms, he does enjoy semi-sweet to sweet ciders responsibly when the mood strikes. Learn more about our Chief Cider Curator here.