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Farnum Hill Dooryard Cider #1502

Review: Dooryard Cider #1502 by Farnum Hill

Sweetness: Semi-Dry

ABV: 7.50%

Cider Maker’s Description

The Farnum Hill 'Dooryard' refers to the big central yard at our home orchard, where locals come to taste and choose from unusual cider batches. The label represents various dry ciders, some with rowdy tannins, some with edgy notes rare in U.S. ciders.

#1502: In our notes, this off-dry, bubbly DY 1502 greets the nose with sweet orange, orange peels, sour cherry and bittersweet apple, maybe some black tea, cream and a weird nice aroma of clean-ness. The flavors lead with bright acid over broad bitterness, barely perceptible sweetness, complex pear, apple, and quince, a touch of marmalade, braced with astringency. In the finish, acid keeps the lead, with fruit carrying from the palate and reappearing from the nose. To us, this blend comes off a little like FH Summer Cider or SemiDry.


  • crystal clear, yellow color, semi-bright


  • very light carbonation, tiny bubbles and dissipated quickly


  • black cherries, celery


  • cherries, tart


  • mild astringency


  • long finish

Tasting Notes / General Impression

Very drinkable. While not terribly expensive for a 750 mL bottle ($13.80), it's probably not an economic every day cider (though I could live happily with this as my "daily drinker.") 

Reviewer Notes

I'm a big fan of Farnum Hill's Dooryard Cider and the surprise that comes with it. I like to think of it as a sort of cidre du jour, as in no two batches of it are ever the same. Each bottle is labeled with the batch number, which you can then reference on their website to learn a little more about the bottle you hold in your hand.

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Cidery Information

Farnum Hill
Lebanon, NH

Matthew Ostrander
Matthew favors dry hard ciders with body and leans towards traditional English styles, and he’s also developed a serious appreciation for hopped ciders and creative flavor infused ciders. Though he prefers sweets in solid forms, he does enjoy semi-sweet to sweet ciders responsibly when the mood strikes. Learn more about our Chief Cider Curator here.