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Finnriver Cidery Golden Russet

Review: Golden Russet by Finnriver Cider

Sweetness: Dry

ABV: 9.00%

Cider Maker’s Description

Aroma and Flavor: A delectable aroma of sweet citrus and classic apple. Flavors range from tangerine to floral tartness with a gently tannic finish and slight bittersweet sparkle that leaves your palate clean and refreshed.

Apple Varieties: Made with a blend of traditional ‘russeted' apples such as Golden Russet (70% of total volume), Claygate Pearmaine, Ashmeade’s Kernel, St. Edmund's Pippin, Roxbury Russet, Belle de Boskoop and Karmijn de Sonnaville, sourced primarily from Finnriver's organic orchard, supplemented with fruit from Iron Root Orchard in Okanagan, WA.

Cidermaker Notes: Russeting on apples is a particular type of skin, slightly rough, usually with a greenish-brown to yellowish-brown color. These apples cannot be judged by their homely exterior! The 2017 Golden Russet was fermented with a white wine yeast known for expressing fruity and aromatic acids in the final cider. The blend of fruit, with a gentle bittersweet tannin profile, offers a thoughtful combination and layered complexity in the mouth.

Serving Suggestions: Delightful as an aperitif, the perfect bottle of bubbly for a toast and a fine compliment to scallops, clams, crab and other Pacific Northwest fare. Also a lovely cider to balance spicy foods like jambalaya or Thai noodles.


  • crystal clear, bright, beautiful golden color


  • good pop opening the bottle, not much for bubbles on pour or swirl


  • hints of clover honey, floral


  • notes of citrus


  • very balanced with a hint of tannins in the finish, light and delicate


  • quick, lightly tannic

Tasting Notes / General Impression

incredibly delicious, just a well made cider perfect for any place or time

Reviewer Notes

bottle was from the 2016 production

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Cidery Information

Finnriver Cider
Chimacum, WA

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