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Stack Rock Cidery Hard Guy

Review: Hard Guy by Stack Rock Cidery

Sweetness: Dry

ABV: 7.70%

Cider Maker’s Description

Hard Guy seeks rugged explorers who love to burn and rejoice all on one trail. The unforgiving, hot, desert climb to a pine stippled ridge-line is quickly forgotten in a recklessly fun downhill. This apple wine with spice added is for those who need heat in their lives but also want the reward of a thirst-quenching drink. It's the perfect ice cold accompaniment to a hot Idaho day filled with rivers, lakes, mountains, and deserts, and plenty of good olf-fashioned fun.

Our apple wine with spice added is bottle conditioned and has naturally occurring yeast deposits. Gently pour as to not disturb the lees. Best stored and served chilled


  • clear, dull yellow color


  • moderate, swirling produces full coverage of very tiny bubbles / almost a light foam


  • just a hint of hot pepper with a noticeable tingle in the nose, hints of peach and earthiness, traces of sulphur


  • smoked hot peppers, herbal, grassy, just a hint of green apple


  • delayed assault of pepper heat, light acidity


  • clean finish with lingering pepper heat

Tasting Notes / General Impression

lots of sediment on the bottom of the bottle, thankfully the bottle is well labeled and recommends not disturbing the sediment

Reviewer Notes


Review Date

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Cidery Information

Stack Rock Cidery
Caldwell, ID

Matthew Ostrander
Matthew favors dry hard ciders with body and leans towards traditional English styles, and he’s also developed a serious appreciation for hopped ciders and creative flavor infused ciders. Though he prefers sweets in solid forms, he does enjoy semi-sweet to sweet ciders responsibly when the mood strikes. Learn more about our Chief Cider Curator here.