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Rev Nat's Hard Cider Providence

Review: Providence by Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider

Review Date: February 10, 2021

Sweetness: Dry

ABV: 10.90%

Cider Maker’s Description

Maybe you've enjoyed my perenial-favorite Abbey Spice, made with Raisins, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Cinnamon & Nutmeg and aged on oak? Few know that the cider you hold now is its big sister. Dry, strong, and free of troublesome bubbles.


  • clear, bright, rusty brown color


  • still


  • cinnamon, raisins, baking spices, nutmeg, caramel apple


  • cinnamon, raisins, red apple, bitter, woody


  • sharp acidic bite, light tannins


  • long bitter raisin finish

Tasting Notes / General Impression

Before I knew it, the bottle was empty. I'll try to get notes next time.

Reviewer Notes


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Cidery Information

Rev. Nat's Hard Cider
Portland, OR

Matthew Ostrander
Matthew favors dry hard ciders with body and leans towards traditional English styles, and he’s also developed a serious appreciation for hopped ciders and creative flavor infused ciders. Though he prefers sweets in solid forms, he does enjoy semi-sweet to sweet ciders responsibly when the mood strikes. Learn more about our Chief Cider Curator here.