Here are some of our favorite cider related products that make excellent gift ideas for cider lovers in your life.

Best Books About Cider

You’ll find these top books about craft cider and cidermaking currently on our bookshelf:

Cider Glassware

You can read all about our quest to find the best glass for cider here, but these are some of our top picks for cider glasses:

Cider Mug & Tasting Notebook

Read our in-depth review of the Original Cider Tasting Mug and 33 Books Cider Tasting Notebook or click below to buy now:

The Best Kegerators for Craft Cider & Craft Beer

For the serious craft cider enthusiast, buying your favorite ciders by the keg from the cidery might just make the most financial sense. But if you’re also home fermenting ciders in volume and storing cider by the 1/6 barrel keg or larger, these kegerators are favorites among craft homebrewers and will work just as smoothly for cider. If you already have an old garage or mancave fridge, you can also save a few bucks by using a kegorator conversion kit.

At-Home DIY Cidermaking Kits

Want to try making cider at home yourself?

  • The Libbey Cidermaker starter kit includes a carboy and other cidermaking needs.
  • The BrewDemon Cider Kit makes it even easier to get started fermenting cider at home.

Cider Travel Accessories

Taking a tour of cideries on your next vacation? Pack cider home safely every time you travel with these luggage options and accessories. Read our review of the CasePro Wine Luggage here.

Neon Cider Signs

Delicious decor for your home mancave or commercial bar!