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Is It Hard Being Stuck at Home? Try Having These Craft Ciders Delivered To Your Door on Demand

So many hard cider lovers are asking where they can buy cider online right now. Cider of the month clubs where the cidery directly ships bottles and cans to you are great solutions to building up your regular stock once you’ve found your favorite ciders. These monthly clubs are excellent ways to support family run orchards and smaller ciderhouses that have embraced online website orders and will gladly ship alcohol to you if it’s legal where you live.

For those of us who lack planning ahead skills, that option may or may not help you, if you go through your cider supply well before the next shipment is due. Also, let’s face it, you’ve probably experienced many times when it’s not been convenient to get to a liquor store to pick up a 6-pack of your go-to cider. Or perhaps you don’t want to drive all over town looking for new craft ciders to try.

For those lacking a little patience or not wanting to commit to a monthly shipment of a single cider brand, there’s near-instant gratification ahead…

Enter the on-demand delivery gig economy, where tech companies look to provide easy solutions to every day first-world problems. Several new alcohol delivery services have popped up to corner this area of the delivery industry and are getting the job done via the DoorDash and UberEats model.

You (legally) order alcohol online / via an app, and contracted drivers head to the local liquor store that carries your requested product, and are hopefully dropping craft ciders at your door in less than hour. In some cases, they may offer delayed delivery, usually promising ciders at your doorstep within 2-3 days.

Of course, standard rules of engagement apply here: alcohol delivery recipients must be of legal drinking age and are lucky enough to live in one of nearly 30 states and larger cities /  metro areas where some of these liquor delivery services operate.

Cider Delivery to Your Door

Two of Direct-to-Door alcohol delivery focused outfits, Saucey.com & Drizly are operated from opposite coasts of the US, from LA and Boston respectively, but Drizly currently serves more of the country’s major cities and metro areas. Both have iPhone & Android apps which are fun and easy to use; and both allow you to send booze as gifts if you’ve forgotten your BFF’s birthday from afar and need to look like a hero at the last minute.

Hands down, Drizly wins on a much wider selection of ciders available regionally and nationally throughout the country. I’ll ding them a few points though for nesting the “CIDER” category under “Beer”, however.

Liquor Delivery Services - Drizly & Saucey Apps

Unfortunately, while Saucey touts “Beer, Cider & Hard Seltzer” as a category of the “greatest inventions in history”, their cider options appear very limited. However, your selection may vary, as it’s dependent on the inventory of your local area liquor stores and alcohol vendors. Randomly, I have been able to trigger this Scandanavian Cider as a lone search result in SoCal / the Los Angeles area. Saucey is much stronger in other alcohol categories, including beer and wine, so I’d still recommend trying them out for your distilled spirits and favorite liquors in a pinch.

Drizly’s craft cider selection in the Northeast region is pretty strong given the number of New England and New York ciders available. Naturally, their delivery service area is strongest in their hometown of Boston, but New York also has a healthy service area, including NYC, Upstate and Long Island. You’ll find some gems if you’re in these areas, or the mid-Atlantic regions, where you’re likely to find ciders from D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Regionally, you’ll be able to find ciders made within the same state or neighboring states. For example: Austin East Ciders in Texas, Stem Ciders in Colorado, Golden State Cider in California, etc. But you may also find selections from the opposite coasts, as some cider producers have gotten bigger and are expanding their distribution across the country, you could certainly find ciders from hundreds or thousands of miles away to try in some cities and states where Drizly delivers to.

Here are some examples of craft ciders available for delivery if you live near one of these major cities.

Austin, Texas

Boston, Massachusetts

Denver, Colorado

Minneapolis, Minnesota

New York City, NY

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Check here for the full list of cities and states Drizly delivers ciders to, and find out what craft ciders and other alcohol that can be delivered direct to your door! As a bonus, Drizly offers new customers $5 off their first order over $20 with the code “DRIZLYDEAL” .

Disclaimer: this post contains partner links, and we may earn a small commission on when you buy cider through our delivery partners. We appreciate the support as it keeps the lights on and the fridge full of ciders around here. 

Elisabeth Osmeloski
Cider taster and wine enthusiast. Learning the hard cider industry one day at a time and enjoying the ride as we travel to discover new craft ciders.