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Rastal Teku Glass - Beer & Cider Tasting Glasses

The Best Glasses for Cider Tasting: Rastal Teku Glass

You’ll notice as you browse through HardCiderReviews.com, the primary cider glass featured in the majority of our cider reviews is none other than the Rastal Teku glass. We previously documented our journey to finding the best glass for drinking cider, which landed the Rastal Teku glass at the top of our list for cider glasses.

Craft beer drinkers are likely to be familiar with Rastal Teku Glasses, as they were designed by “an Italian sensory analyst and a top craft beer brewer” and it’s often recommended by craft beer drinkers (aficionados or ‘snobs’ if you prefer) who found it elevated their beer drinking experience.

While Teku glasses were designed for craft beer, we have found that the Teku glass works amazingly well for cider tasting too, and is just as adept in helping identify the full range of aromas and flavors found in craft cider. It’s the perfect vessel to expand our own sensory analysis skills. See our guide to tasting ciders to learn more.

The Rastal Teku glass is the perfect compromise between a wine glass and a typical beer glass, and cider’s odd place between the two categories often gives bartenders and restaurant servers difficulty in selecting a proper cider glass. Because we often fluctuate between fine ciders that drink more like a wine, and those beer adjacent ciders that are hopped or unfiltered, or gose style ciders, selecting cider glasses can be challenging, though in the latter cases, tulip style beer glasses also work well.

For us and those playing along at home, the Teku glass solved that dilemma, and it checks all of the boxes for craft cider tasting and reviewing purposes. The opening is the perfect diameter to allow the nose into the glass when sipping. It swirls cider incredibly well and the shape lends itself well to not spilling.

A Rastal Teku Glass is Always Full (of Cider)

The traditional Rastal Teku glass is offered in two sizes, 330 mL (11.2 oz) and 425 mL (14.4 oz). Here, we primarily use the 330 mL version for drinking cider, and it serves our purposes for pouring a little at a time for tastings and photos, though the larger version would be slightly better for casually drinking cider off the clock.

But… a set of 6 Rastal Teku glasses in the 14.2oz size goes for just under $50 at Amazon, so it’s a better value if you want to host cider tastings or cider pairing dinners with heartier pours. The Rastal Teku is also a very thin and delicate piece of glassware so if you are prone to breaking glasses easily, we recommend buying a pair or full set. Also important to note, while they a

A new stemless version of the Teku Glass recently appeared on Amazon in a tasting friendly size of 6.5oz:

Rastal Teku Tasting Glasses – Set of 4 – $24.99


Holiday Gift Sets for Craft Beer & Cider Drinkers

The Rastal Teku glasses are also a great gift idea for cider lovers and craft beer drinkers alike, so you can’t go wrong in gifting great glassware for craft beverages during the holidays or for birthdays. This elegant gift box set of four Rastal Teku glasses is currently under $40 on sale at Amazon:

Rastal Teku Craft Beer and Cider Glasses - Gift Box Set
Rastal Teku Glasses for Craft Beer & Cider – $39.96 at Amazon – click to buy

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